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Applied Developmental Psychology Research Lab

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Notes to Prospective Students:

Graduate students: Dr. Hoyt is accepting 1-2 ADP Ph.D. students for the 2023-24 academic year! Here are some things that would make you a good fit for the 3D Lab:

  1. Background education/training in psychology, human development, biology, policy, education, sociology, public health, or other relevant fields

  2. Previous research experience

  3. Interests that align with the 3D Lab (e.g.., sociocultural perspectives on adolescence/young adult development; health inequalities; stress and well-being; civic engagement)

  4. We will be starting a new longitudinal project in 2023 on socioeconomic profiles, educational protective factors, and cardiometabolic health among diverse emerging adult college students at minority-serving institutions. Students interested in this topic are especially encouraged to apply!

Undergraduate students: We encourage motivated students looking for research experience in developmental psychology, stress, health disparities, civic engagement, and/or youth participatory action research to apply for a research assistant position in the 3D Lab. [Note: The lab is currently full for 2023; we will recruit new undergrad RAs in spring 2024!]

  • We ask for a 1-year commitment, but we hope that you will stay with us until you graduate!

  • You do not need previous research experience to apply for a position in the lab; we are looking for people who are creative, driven, self-motivated, like working in teams, and eager to learn. Some useful skills include for undergrad RAs may include: social media experience, graphic design, comfort working with diverse adolescents, experience with focus groups/surveys, coding, community engagement (e.g., volunteering, CEL courses), lived experiences that align with our adolescent and emerging adult participants. 

  • Students interested in doing a senior honors thesis or a mentored independent project with Dr. Hoyt should work in the 3D Lab for 2 semesters (or one semester + summer) before pursuing this type of student-led project.

Applied Developmental Psychology Research Lab
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